After ten years in London, with a routine of early morning commutes, uninspiring rented accommodation and very little free time I decided enough was enough and made the rather unusual decision of swapping the tube lines for  the donkey tracks to live on the tiny Greek island of Paxos. I remember the moment well…a packed and stuffy commuter train on a wet October evening, discarded newspapers professing the burdens of making a life in our nations capital, disgruntled passengers fed up and tired…I had had enough. Three months later I left behind a career, friends and rather confused parents to start a new adventure in a tiny corner of the Ionian.

This is the tale of finding happiness and contentment in the most unexpected of  places and at the most unlikely of times. A story of how a simple life on a small foreign island can heal even the deepest of wounds and how the hospitality of an island community has inspired confidence and affirmed my place in the world. Life has changed so much in the last few years, replacing the humdrum of life in the capital to now sharing my country cottage with three cats and four tortoises! Old relationships have ended and new important ones have started, I have friends of all ages, started a new career and with every year presents new challenges and opportunities. How long it will continue  is a questions I can’t answer and for once … that’s just fine!