Modern Greek Food – Personally Defined


Food has always been an important part of my lifeĀ  and something closely and fundamentally linked with travel. I have been lucky enough to experience wonderful dishes from all over the world but it has always been the flavours, smells and traditions of the Mediterranean that have most significantly drawn me in. From the tagines and spice profiles of the Middle East and North Africa to the fresh seafood along the coastlines of Italy and France I find the diet and the culture of food in this part of the world most inspiring. However for all the complexity of french food and the bold flavours of italian cuisine it was always the simplicity of classic Greek taverna food that I most closely identified with.

Here on Paxos, it has been a growing personal endeavour to take the locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and apply a modern interpretation. To embrace the limitation of island life and ingredients and focus on highlighting this wonderful provincial produce. The longer I remain on the island the clearer it becomes how important Greek food is to me, the stories, traditions and providence, the flavours, colours and smells. It is my aim through the lines of the Donkey Lane to detail my takeĀ of this amazing cuisine, what it means to me, and how living and working on the island affects my interpretation of it.